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Game Pertinent information
House Rule: we are not using the normal rules for tiers listed in the book, instead for every tier there is in difference the higher party gains a plus 2 to there roll. so if you dodge with a skill at superhuman tier and a cop is shooting at you at the mundane tier you would receive a plus 4 to your roll in addition to any normal bonuses. plus 2 for mundane to extraordinary and another plus 2 for extraordinary to superhuman
the players do not have powers yet, if you build a character i would not spend all of your skill points. save around half for paying for powers
Characters should be normalish people with drives and goals for life. this will make for good roleplay 
the players will know each other from an incident around 5 years ago when they were on the subway in star city for some reason, when Avalon (this worlds superman esque character) slammed down through the roof of the car. a confrontation occurred between him and a female passenger who turned out to be the mad scientist Dr. Pangloss. she released some sort of aerosol-ed gas and transformed all of you into bio-monstrosities under her telepathic control. she was defeated and you were successfully transformed back to human with no noticeable side effects. as a bonus you were all offered free health care for you and your immediate family for life at any ideal facility. it was conditional however on you getting a yearly check up here at the star city facility. 

Tales of Star City

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