Lawrence Eastman AKA Phil Graves

The Vigilante



ADVENTURER: You do not need powers to have power

Normal Human: Self made Vigilante with obsession of fairness

Conviction: EVERYONE gets exactly what they deserve

Major Complication Known ex con and suspected terrorist

Major Complication Trusts nobody, not even team mates or heroes

Be ready when people or situations turn.

I will not be a victim ever again.

It is better to be skilled than lucky.


Great (+4) Vigilante* (35)

Good (+3) Resolve

Fair (+2) Presence, Empathy

Average (+1) Contacting, Drive

VIGILANTE: (E) Total cost adjustment: 31
Notice, Security, Dexterity, Strike + Range x2, Parry, Stealth, Dodge, Move, Initiative (Physical) Leap, Climb, Physical Force, Stress Capacity (Health), Resist Damage (Physical), Treatment Physical. Information and contacting.
Major Complication: -2 X 2

Refresh: 1 Refresh left
1 – Move Vigilante skill to Extraordinary
4 – Skilled X 4 (first one was free) Total of 45 Skill Points
1 Skill point left.

Weapon 1 Health for: Unarmed, Melee, and Thrown
Throwing is based on 3DF + 1D6
Notice: Can act even if surprised
Parry: Can Parry even unusual attacks
Stealth: Can move 2 zones without giving self away
Move: Can move 1 extra zone for free
Leap: Can ignore border zones of 1 with huge leap
Dexterity: 1 FP = use as free action
Stress Capacity Health: Gives 3 health levels and 1 armor

Health: OOO OOO
Armor: O

Composure: OOO OO

Reputation: OOO OO


I am a nerd, I do not mind admitting that. I was one in high school, I was one when I joined the Marines and did my 4 years to pay for college, and while in college I was a nerd there too. When I was younger I used to read comic books, I looked up to the heroes on the pages and admired them all, because what could be better than having powers. Here is the snag however, people can have powers… just not me it seems. I lived my life as the guy who was obsessed about what it would be like to have super powers. The world has been handing out powers for years before I was even born but… nope, none for me, and I would be one of the best people on earth to give them too, I already have all the planning done. When others got powers and I didn’t, I just gave up. Life without power is not life. Then the amazing happend, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I became a minion of one of the worlds most famous villains… and I got a taste of what that power was. I was not a hero, I was not a villain, I was simply a puppet. I was nothing to her, I was just some tool to be used and thrown away. Not that the so called “hero” cared much either. That was when I realized that these supers are nothing to be looked up to, no paragons to aspire to be one day, they were not better than me… they were just luckier. I vowed right then that I would show them all exactly what a basic human can do. I do not need powers. My favorite heroes and villains were the people who stood toe to toe with the likes of Avalon and the others and did so with their minds and gear, not their powers they lucked into. When I was cured I swore that “Lawrence Eastman” died that day, from now on I would be a force to be dealt with, I would take the power from those that did not deserve it, and put it into the hands of those deserving people who just did not get lucky enough to be given powers. I would fill graves along the way if I have to.

While I was stuck in quarantine with the rest of the people that got turned into minions, for tests and whatever, there was this other guy there. He kept going on and on about how they could not keep him there and he had things to do. He also mentioned to the guards about 12 times that he was rich enough to get them fired and replaced with hot girl guards. As ironic as it seems, his name was Rich Dollar… seriously. However I found the fact that he was an entitled D-Bag kind of refreshing, at least he was honest about things. When someone else tried to get in his face about being a jerk I… dealt with them, and we chilled for the next week. I found that being entitled and being a nerdy loser kind of makes you end up in the same personality space even if the paths to get there were so different. I told him of my plan to fight crime and become a vigilante when i got out of quarantine. He actually thought it would be kind of cool to see on the news and hooked me up with some street gear and gave me his contact info.

I was ready to become a modern day “Punisher” well one without guns at least.
Or so was supposed to be my plan. Things never seem to work out that way however. I was doing fine for about 2 years. I trained harder than I ever did when I was in the Marines, and I did some little fighting of crime here and there, like a modern day Daredevil or Batman. However I hit a small snag. The cops do not tend to smile on the guys who leave criminals unconscious in front of a police station. I, for once, happened to be in the right place at the right time when a not too famous villain was taken down and one of his weapons was thrown across a roof, so I took it upon myself to make sure that odd looking rifle did not fall into the wrong hands… or as the cops who were waiting on me in the alley afterwords called it, stealing from a crime scene. Lets just say 2 years in prison were not fun… ever.After being there for 2 years all the heroes up and disappeared in the world. That was my cue to take up the mantle of Vigilante again, so I called in a favor with the only friend I had, Rich Dollar.

He threw enough money around to get me out of prison, so I owe him, I owe him huge. I am cool with that though. He mouths off a lot and needs a bodyguard and I need a friend with bail money for when I toss a jerk through a window. It is amazing how the world will shun you when there are those that are better around, but when you are the last resort, all of a sudden it is open arms and praise. I will be there this time to make sure only those that deserve powers get them. If the wrong people get those powers, there will always be someone there to “Fill Graves”

Lawrence Eastman AKA Phil Graves

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