Richard Dollar

I am rich bitch.



Adventurer Normal Human:

Conviction: I am better than the missing heroes.

Major Complication: Entitled Douche-bag

Aspect: Temperamental Genius.

Aspect: Everyone loves the dollar.

Aspect: I stepped up.

Aspect: I am rich bitch.


Great (+4) Tony Stark is an amateur (E)

Good (+3) Notice, Pilot

Fair (+2) Presence, Empathy

Average (+1) Contacting, Resolve

UNIQUE SKILL: Tony Stark is an amateur (14 pts ajusted)

Repair, Dismantle, Craft, Work-space, Minions (4 point version), Wealth, Examine, information, Research, Dodge

SNAG: All minions must be robots.
MAJOR COMPLICATION: Entitled Douchebag

REFRESH LEFT: 3 (each Refresh can be spent for 5 Skill points as needed)

Power Business Suit: 2 Refresh

Deadly: 2 Health with built in gun
Alternate Use: May use Notice for Shoot but only with built in gun.
Rugged: Health 2
Armored: Health 1


Health: OOO OOO
Armor: O

Composure: OOO OO

Reputation: OOO OO


None yet

I was born in poverty and was determined to not die in it.
I graduated from high school at age 14 and went to Cal Tech.
I got my first patent at age 16 on computer learning.
Formed a robotics company at 18. (I own it all. No stocks.)
Developed human assistance robotics.

Developed my super suite for fun while on vacation I just wore it for safety.
I never thought of being a hero until they all disappeared.

I stepped up and started helping people.

Richard Dollar

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